the notion is how do we stay productive

I love staying productive and you know what, I don’t quite know how to sale Notion to you. This tool completely changed the way I manage and think about studying or working both personally and professionally. It was like when I started writing code with terraform a declarative language used to build infrastructures in the cloud for the first time. You begin to understand how your own thought processes come together in the way you work without getting too philosophical.

You don’t need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment.

Seth Godin

For some time I needed a tool to store snippets of code, list of books I was planning to read or online lessons I wanted to try. Bookmarks for things to read get lost in the pool of many other apps like feedly or getPocket. And after a week back from holiday, you do not know specifically were you left off in your own project. Yes, there are arguments to that but with notion you could specifically leave comments/notes of what you last worked on, alerts to remind you about deadlines set without ever having to look in another application.

You are thinking it so I’ll say it, it is a project management tool, library of sorts, repository, jornaling tool. At the moment the only thing missing is an API that plugs into something like RescueTime or github (told you a productive nut!).

If you are to take away anything from this short quibi type post, the shorter the distance you have to travel to get information, the less distracted you get, the more focus at hand you are with completing your tasks.